A Limited Priesthood

Written by Joel on May 28th, 2008

I have a difficult time understanding why the priesthood is limited to only celibate men in the Roman Catholic Church.

The Bible seems to suggested married life is a requirement for the clergy (see 1 Tim 3:2ff) and Paul makes several references in his letters to deaconesses.

I do not mean to question or belittle the discipline of celibacy; it is a high calling. But, it is not a lifestyle which everyone is meant to pursue. Does that mean that this is the only way one is to become a priest?

If we are to suggest that Christianity is the universal religion, should we not also have a universal priesthood? One that is made up of all peoples regardless of race, ethnicity, political party, gender and marital status?

The priesthood will fail to be universal so long as it excludes women and married people from its ranks. Without a universal priesthood, can we have a universal church?


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