Television Characters who are Seminary Drop-Outs

Written by Joel on May 25th, 2009

I am in my last quarter of seminary and the end is in sight. However, these guys are tempting me…

chaseDr. Robert Chase on House

Dropped out of seminary in order to become a doctor. He is pretty successful, working for one of the greatest diagnosticians of all time, Dr. Gregory House. Chase is known for showing up to work hung over, and gets in big trouble when a bad diagnosis results in the death of a patient. He shares the fact that he was in seminary in season 1, episode 5. See house MD guide for some more background.

Toby Flenderson on The Office

In season 5, episode 24 “Casual Friday,” we learn that Toby in HR dropped out of seminary.

“Well, I was in the seminary for a year and dropped out because I wanted to have sex with this girl, Cathy. Followed her back to Scranton. Took the first job I could find in HR. Later she divorced me. So, no, I wouldn’t say I have a passion for HR.”

I just want to give Toby a hug. [thanks for the quote]

milliebanksMillie Banks on My Name is Earl

Season 2, episode 6 “Made a Lady Think I Was God.” Millie banks is the meanest trailer park manager ever. Earl uses a walkie talkie to convince her that God is talking to her through a hearing aide. After taking all her gold and silver she becomes a nun. When Millie finds out she was duped she leaves the convent, returns to the trailer park and is meaner than before. After Earl fixes everything (with Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich), Millie finally returns to the convent.

Desmond on LOST

Season 3, episode 17 reveals that Desmond was in training to be a monk. However, after getting sauced on that sweet monastery wine, he is kicked out. See you in another life brother!

mreckoMr. Ecko on LOST

…well this is kinda reverse. He never went to seminary but went with the philosophy “fake it till you make it” and pretended to be a priest in order to avenge his brother’s death (who was a priest). But don’t say that to his face or you’ll probably get whacked in the face with his Jesus stick.

So what could be in store for me, should I drop out now? Doctor, Director of human resources, trailer park manager, or a gorgeous deserted isle cast-away?


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  1. keith says:

    I will never view Toby in the same light again. Thanks!

  2. Tyler says:

    Hey, thanks for the comment on my post yesterday at SCL. It’s great having readers add to the conversation.

    The CFO is a great call. I’ve been a trip leader before and all I heard about was the bottom line from this guy. He’s totally necessary, but can get annoying.

    Know that my blog is a safe place to talk about life’s more trivial matters. That’s what we do best over there. Everyone needs a break from the serious, right? Keep the comments coming!

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