Christian Equal Opportunity Employment

Written by Joel on July 10th, 2009


I recently completed an application for employment at Liberty University and was surprised to discover that it included a statement of faith. I wasn’t aware that my theological perspectives had anything to do with my ability to push paper.

Officially the document was called “The Statement of Doctrine of Liberty University.” It is published at their website, and you can read it for yourself here. I thought Baptists were anti-creedal. I guess if you start with “We affirm” instead of “We believe” then it’s not a creed.

There are certainly some points of Liberty’s affirmation which I have trouble with (The literal fall of Satan, six literal days of creation, the inerrancy of scripture, that the church is only the local assembly of belivers, and a seven year tribulation followed by Christ’s millenial rule – just to name a few of my points of departure).

How should that affect my employ-ability? The relevant question on the application is “Please tell us in what way you share our statement of purpose and doctrine.” A page is left blank where you can leave a response. I gave a politically correct response on my application stating “I share your statement of purpose and find no major points of disagreement with the statement of doctrine.” I guess it doesn’t come right out and say “believe this or don’t bother.”

But what about someone who disagrees with even the basic stuff, an atheist for example. Would Liberty University refuse to hire an atheist? Or to avoid the obvious legal trouble, scare atheists and non-Christians away by inserting a statement of belief in job application? Why?

Instead of only employing those of like mind, could employement be an evangelistic tool, or an aid to fellow human beings? What a great testamony that would be. A non-Christian gets a job at Liberty University and thinks to himself or herself “Wow, even though I disagree with these Christian folk, they gave me a job – the very source of my wellbeing. There might be something to this Christian thing after all.”

What do you think? Should Christian institutions hire non-believers? Should they include statements of belief in job applications?


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