visiting priest followup

Written by Joel on September 4th, 2009

I wrote a letter to the pastor expressing our hurt and disappointment in the visiting priest’s homily.

The pastor called us today! I wasn’t there for the call, but my wife spoke to him for a few minutes. He expressed his sincere apologies, reassuring us that this visiting priest did not express his views nor that of the Church. He also welcomed us to the parish saying “you absolutely have a home here!”

So, some good news comes out of a uncomfortable situation.


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  1. Abortion! Look abortion is taking a human life. If that is not evil what is. A poor little infant who has no say in the matter is also destroying his constituitional rights.

    • Joel says:

      And I agree with you. But abortion is not ALL that there is to preach about. So long as preachers stay on that hobby horse then the life, death and resurrection of Christ are overshadowed by a social issue of the modern day.

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