All Saints-o-ween

Written by Joel on November 1st, 2009


At church this morning it looked like a few kids were showing off their Halloween costumes from the night before. My wife pointed out that they were dressed as saints. I thought for a moment “Wow, those are some really conservative parents – making their kids wear saint costumes for Halloween.” But on the other hand there is some very scary stuff in those saint stories.

Well, it turns out that the kids were dressing up for All Saints Day. The kids pick a saint, do a bit of research, and then dress up in commemoration of their chosen saint.

What a wonderful way for the church to interact with our modern culture! (Unlike the poor example of interacting with cutlure pictured above) There is the obvious connection to dressing up in costumes this time of year. But there is also the concept of heroes for children. Just think of all the comic books turned into movies in recent years: Spider Man, Batman, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, G.I. Joe, and the rest. Also all of the sports and pop-star heroes who children admire. We have no shortage of these heroes and role models within the faith. We call them saints.

Instead of fighting culture this is one example in which the church is able to teach our faith and history in a culturally engaging way. Did children in your church dress up for All Saints Day? What are some other ways the church has successfully interacted with modern culture?


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  1. Derek says:

    Yesterday was the first time I’d ever seen kids dressed as saints on All Saints Day. When I was younger in Catholic school, we were encouraged to do this. But I’d never seen it on November 1st at mass.

    The kids in front of me were dressed in medieval clothing. One looked to be a knight and the other was a king.

    Re. interaction, although I didn’t participate because of other plans, our church had a mass at 1:00 PM on Halloween, followed by a procession with a singing of the litany of the saints. I heard there were at least 30 kids dressed as saints during that. I’ve participated in processions before, so I know how powerful a witness to Christ they can be to our lapsed neighbors.

    • Joel says:

      Thanks for sharing Derek!

      I love processions, especially when they go throughout the community. Many churches do this for Palm Sunday. Back in Los Angeles there were processionals all the time, but I’ve never heard of one for All Hallows Eve – what a great idea.

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