Sunday Bulletin for Dec 20, 2009

Written by Joel on December 20th, 2009

Here is a fresh scoop of news to for the pot-luck dinner…

jesus-thumb-295x508-343Boy sent for psychological evaluation for drawing crucifix at school. A 2nd grade class was given an assignment to “draw something that reminds you of Christmas.” A boy drew Jesus on the cross. When asked about the drawing he said “that’s me on the cross.” He was suspended and forced to undergo psychiatric evaluations. CBS (local, with video), AP, Washington Times, Fox (local), NY Post, with balanced reaction from the school.

Pope calls for action on climate change. AP

DisciplesWorld Magazine to end publication. DisciplesWorld is the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) affiliated magazine. From their website.

Malaysia courts hear case on Christian use of word ‘Allah.’ The Herald translation of the Bible uses the word ‘Allah’ for God. Local Muslims argue that ‘Allah’ should be reserved for Islam, use by Christians they say is confusing. AP, Christian Post

Pope addresses priest abuse in Ireland. USA Today

Archbishop of Lusaka, Emmanuel Milingo is dismissed by Pope. Milingo was an out-spoken advocate for married priests. He ordained married men in his diocese without permission and participated in a mass wedding in New York.  Catholic New Agency, Washington Post, AP, BBC

Muslim countries want a UN resolution banning blasphemy. This story is a bit old, but just heard about it on Dan Carlin’s most recent show. See also AP (via NPR)

Oral Roberts has died. LA Times, Washington Post

An Alabama City Requires Firefighters to be Present for Candlelight Services. NY Times.

Pastor finds dynamite in church. (video), AP

Church billboard in New Zealand sparks controversy. Meant to encourage spiritual conversation about Christmas. I think the picture says it all. The Sydney Morning Herald, Stuff, BBC, The Baltimore Sun, ABC, AP



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