Sunday Bulletin Jan 3, 2010

Written by Joel on January 3rd, 2010

Pope attacked during Christmas eve mass. Reuters, LA Times, CNN, BBC, NY Times

Pope Pius XII moved closer to sainthood. Pope Pius XII is accused of not doing enough to help Jewish victims during the holocaust. USA Today

Jonah Goldberg, in an LA Times opinion piece, examines the faith themes in Avatar. The faith aspect is not controversial because the good guys adopt a new age religion. “What would have been controversial is if — somehow — Cameron had made a movie in which the good guys accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts…If the Na’Vi were Roman Catholics, there would be boycotts and protests. Make the oversized Smurfs Rousseauian noble savages and everyone nods along, save for a few cranky right-wingers.”

Church fined for offering to shelter the homeless. Times Leader

4-year old killed in church on New Years Eve. WCTV with video, WSB Radio, Fox News

Malaysian Court Rules that Christians May Use ‘Allah’ to Refer to God. AFP, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, The Baltimore Sun, BBC

Saddleback Church Faces $900,000 Budget Deficit. OC Register, NY Times


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  1. I thought the religious themes were fitting with a people who were supposed to be equivalent to Native Americans. What I found completely heavy-handed were the rampant political themes.

  2. Derek says:

    Re. the religious themes in Avatar, I was chatting afterward with my wife about how I believed the director/screenwriter James Cameron had to make some sort of scientific reason to protect the Na’Vi’s sacred places, otherwise it wouldn’t work as purely and anti-imperialist/pro-environmental movie.

    There are a few scenes where Sigourney Weaver’s character is discovering/explaining the botantic network making up Pandora.

    It felt almost as if they were trying to convey that since the science corroborated the network and interconnectedness of all things on Pandora, then (and only then) it was noble to protect it.

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