Sunday Bulletin: Lenten Carbon Fast, First Church of Yosemite Sam, and Jesus Named Next Indian Idol

Written by Joel on February 28th, 2010

Haven’t done a Sunday Bulletin in a couple of weeks. Here’s the going ons in church news:

carbonBritish bishops call for a fast from carbon this lent. (AP, Christianity Today) I bet it was difficult to celebrate Ash Wednesday without any carbon.

Man with guns rides horse to church. (Washington Post) Claims Yosemite Sam is his personal lord and savior.

jesusbeerIndian Text book illustration of Jesus with a beer and cigarette sparks protests. (Christian Post, Washington Post, AFP) Listed in a children’s textbook under “I” for “Idol.” Does that make Jesus the next Indian Idol? What is all the fuss, how else are we going to make Jesus relevant to all the smokers who like cheap Budweiser beer?


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