Be. Not Do.

Written by Joel on April 23rd, 2010

Rest Area AheadI attended the Central Atlantic Conference United Church of Christ clergy retreat this week. The theme was “A Cathedral in Time” which focused on Sabbath keeping. It was quite relaxing and energizing all at the same time. Being new to the conference and ministry I found it to be a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow clergy.

The Sabbath is rooted in history and the wisdom of God. It is given to us for our own good so that we might embrace that rest. I hope to approach my ministry with a Sabbath attitude: “Be. Not do.” In sermon preparation to focus on the text and let it speak rather than run on the hamster wheel of selecting the perfect words and illustrations. In visitations to focus on being present rather than again finding the right words or prayers.

I made a significant connection with a retiring pastor from whom I attempted to absorb 40 years of ministry experience. I met another new pastor who shares a passion for Catholic spirituality and the power of well-thought worship. I am quite thankful for that retreat opportunity.


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