What’s your ministry? What’s your super power?

Written by Joel on June 26th, 2010

I had the opportunity to meet many new people at the Central Atlantic Conference gathering recently. Or, to be more accurate, many people had an opportunity to meet me as a new guy in the Conference.

Introductions seemed to be somewhat awkward. People wore name tags so I at least knew names and which church someone was from, but how do you introduce yourself at these church events? “So, where is First Congregationalist UCC?” “Are you here as a clergy or lay delegate?” “How far of a trip was it for you?” “Boy, the weather is nice, huh?” All were quite inadequate.

Then, the last day of the conference at breakfast, almost as if by inspiration I asked someone at the table “What’s your ministry?” They hesitated slightly and said “Oh, I’m not the pastor there or anything if that’s what you mean.” So I persisted “Everyone is a minister.” And so she went into how she was quite passionate about immigration reform and organizing marches with her church.

“What’s your ministry?” is the Christian equivalent of the secular world’s “What’s your business?” or “What do you do for a living?” Or, if you were at a Justice League meeting, “What’s your super-power?” It reaffirms the truth that all baptized Christians are called to ministry (some even with super powers). It is an invitation to hear about how God is working in another’s life and church. It is an opportunity to go into deeper conversation than the weather.

I think that will be my standard intro the next time I have the opportunity to meet new people at a Christian gathering. Or maybe it is just the next silly Facebook quiz app.

What’s your ministry?


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