Costly Discipleship

Written by Joel on September 7th, 2010

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Sept 5, 2010
23nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Luke 14:25-33

So I have my recorder plugged directly into the sound system, which greatly improves the sound quality. But that also means you can hear my singing voice above all others. Yes, I will gladly accept donations which will benefit my voice lesson fund.


It’s fathers day in Australia and New Zealand. How would you feel to hear this Gospel text on Father’s Day? Oh those poor preachers who preach the Gospel today.

Really hate? Well, yes and no. Greek it is really hate: μισέω But it is also used to get your attention like “I am starving to death! I would kill for a some new shoes, etc” But still, even as an exaggeration, this is an extreme claim. Christ wants your loyalty above your family and life itself; and it even costs a cross. Christ is not interested in presenting an easy message, he is trying to thin the crowd.

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. Aug 27 CNN article interviews Kenda Dean, the author of “Almost Christian” about the religion of modern American teens. She speaks of a watered down faith which distorts God into some sort of divine therapist; most profoundly that the purpose Christianity has become to feel good about yourself in the eyes of these Moralistic Therapeutic Deists; she doesn’t call them Christian.

Christianity is costly. An analogy to marriage – how can you know how much it costs? Well, you can’t really, but so it is with marriage and yet you agree to the cost from the get go because you are willing to pay any costs, to do whatever it takes, for richer or poorer in sickness and health, etc etc.

Discipleship is hard, it is costly. You cannot be called Christ’s disciples unless you give up all of your possessions, unless you take up your cross, unless you hate your own life, unless you hate your family. What a difficult call Christ places on us. But it is a kind of discipleship that matters on Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday – throughout your whole lives. That everything you do you do because Christ is lord and you strive to be called his disciple.


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