Written by Joel on September 13th, 2010

Sept 12, 2010
24nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Luke 15:1-10

Technology! [Shaking my fists angrily] Apparently the wireless mic wasn’t working this morning and I chose to step down from the pulpit…so the recording is somewhat faint. I will get this new sound set up figured out soon. In the meantime here is an outline of the message:

Guilt by Association: TV Show Glee, Finn; a football player who joined the glee club and becomes the target of bullying by his fellow jocks because he associates now with the “gleeks.”

The opening accusation: “He welcomes sinners and he eats with them.”

Food customs – what it meant to eat with sinners and tax collectors.

Rhetorical question: “Who leaves the 99 to find the 1?” the answer is no one! but God does.

We are the 99; and the one lost may make us uncomfortable. Its outward (missional) not attractional.

Homeboy Industries. See the NPR story here.


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