Church Like A Mustard Seed

Written by Joel on October 4th, 2010

Oct 3, 2010
27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Luke 17:5-10


How do you measure faith? How much is enough?

Context – basically picking up where we left off last week. This is a series of sayings given by Jesus, while Jesus continues the journey with his eyes set to Jerusalem.

The question

Jesus’ answer is a positive rhetorical statement – see examples below. It assumes that the disciples have faith.

The wrong question!

Tutoring Church. Kennon Callahan in his book “Small, Strong Congregations” tells the story of a small church which accomplished a great work of faith. The church was down to just 14 members. They all thought to themselves that they were small and dying. They were all in their 70s and 80s. They approached the local elementary school and offered to do whatever they could for the children there. The principal put them to work; tutoring and mentoring the children. They did what seemed impossible; who us? We are 8 times as old as these children we couldn’t possibly have anything to offer them? But with this leap of faith, with this mustard seed kind of faith they accomplished great things.

The impossible: 1) uproot a mulberry tree and 2) plant it in the sea.

Saint Luke’s – a mustard seed kind of church. We are small but we are faithful. We have faith like a mustard seed and we can accomplish the impossible.

We are a small, faithful church, called to great things! We have faith like a mustard seed, and with God’s help we can do what seems impossible.


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