Passing the Prayer at Dinner

Written by Joel on October 4th, 2010

Jonathan Acuff at Stuff Christians Like graciously published a guest post I submitted. If you are visiting from SCL, welcome!

In the past, Jon has talked about prayer shot blocks, that awkward moment where someone prays the opposite of what you are praying for. Example: Someone prays God will bless a bad dating relationship they are in and their friend prays right after instead that “God would give my friend patience and clarity about her relationship.”

But there’s a different type of prayer shot block that needs to be discussed. I’m talking about people who refuse to pray in public when you go out to dinner as a group. Whether they politely decline or flat out shot block your request that they pray, they make it crystal clear that they won’t be doing that. It’s the prayer equivalent of switching seats on an airplane because you can’t handle the “responsibility” of being in the emergency row.

There are six common ways people get out of praying at dinner:

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