Small Church Worship

Written by Joel on April 11th, 2011

Small Church

I found in my notebook today just a few thoughts concerning worship in a small church.

  • What if we simplified “the front”: less clutter, removed the altar walls, (maybe even removed the pulpit!), and brought the altar closer to the worshipers? I wonder if this would help to remove the illusion that worship happens “up front.”
  • What if we all came forward for communion at the same time? gathered around the table – there’s only 30 of us; thats a large family reunion size. What if the communion table was used as an actual table?
  • What if everyone processed into the worship space? (Not just the preacher and choir) What if we viewed all the assembled faithful as the ministers of worship?
  • What if I sat in a pew?

What other ways could small churches use their size as an advantage in worship?


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