Why Use Psalms in Sunday Worship

Written by Joel on October 18th, 2011

This Sunday, County Line church will try out (for the first time in anyone’s memory, I believe) using Psalms in our worship service. Here is an informational handout I prepared for our bulletin which explains the experiment:

For the next several weeks we will endeavor to incorporate the Psalms in our worship of God. We will have an opportunity to reflect on this practice at the December Consistory meeting.

At County Line Church we are used to having three readings from the Bible. However, we read from every section of the Bible except for the Psalms in our Sunday worship service. Adding a Psalm is not a fourth reading however, but rather a prayer which we have received and which we offer as our own. The Book of Psalms is the original hymnal and prayer book of the church. It spans every human emotion, and when Jesus went to synagogue he would have prayed the Psalms. We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. How appropriate then to offer back to God in our worship the words he already gave us!

Using Psalms are quite popular in Reformed traditions such as the E&R. Many hymns in our Favorite Hymns of Praise and The Hymnal are actually paraphrases of Psalms. Our E&R hymnal includes a section on how to chant (sing) the psalms.

We will experience the Psalms in a variety of ways. We may simply pray a psalm aloud, read responsively, or sing. Listen for the word of God in the Psalms, and pray the word of God thru the Psalms over these coming weeks. As we worship today make these 2,500 year-old prayers of the church your own.


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