“The Prophet Joel Blog” hosts my opinion and commentary on the Christian church, my sermons, spiritual journeys, and theological ponderings. On this blog I hope to keep up on the current events and culture of the church, examine how we can do things better as the Body of Christ, and attempt to know God more.

I’m not a prophet, but I am named after one. Joel was a Hebrew prophet whose name means “Yahweh is God.” Found in the Bible between Hosea and Amos, he was a man who called for repentance among people who were hopefully awaiting The Day of The Lord. He is my very humbling namesake.

My name is Joel Walkley. I completed my MDiv coursework at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA and was ordained by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) on March 19, 2011. I am currently serving St. Luke’s United Church of Christ in Timberville, VA – my first parish.

I welcome your comments as we cross paths on our Christian journey.

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