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Sunday Evening Sending (final service)

Monday, February 23rd, 2009


We split the room into two halfs with a small aisle down the center. Each half had rows of chairs which faced each other. Setup instruction: “Let us prepare this space as we prepare our hearts for worship.” The campers and counselors began outside in “family groups.”

Outgoing instruction: As we continue our worship we are going to go outside and gather in family groups, just outside these doors and in front of the dining hall. Pray with each other a final time as a family group. Brandon will come around to each group and send you back in to our worship space; enter single file and find a seat. Go and gather as family groups outside.


Entrance Song (Paul): Come Let Us Worship [playing as people were coming in single file]
After all have gathered:

Chalice Worship #707 (p.430)

Go now, remembering what we have done here.
Go now, remembering what God has done for us.
Go now, into the world where apathy and half-heartedness are dominant,
Where love too often is hard to find.
Go now, walking with each other
And working with each other in the spirit of love.
Be awake, be alert, be alive to the needs around you
And to the glory of God in Jesus Christ.
And May God’s peace and joy be with us always.

Music (Paul): Get Up & Go.
Scripture: 1 Cor 12:14-26 (one body, many parts)
Prayer: We have gathered on this mountain as individuals, churches, and the Body of Christ. Let us come together as the Body to pray in our own way. I invite each of you to pray out loud as the spirit leads you. Pray for your fellow campers, your church, and that you can carry the love of Christ with you when we depart. We will gather again to pray the Lord’s Prayer. Let us pray
[a time of self-led prayer]
The Lord’s Prayer. [after a time]

Instruction: We are going to send out in the same way we came. You will be dismissed by row to exit this place, single file. Stay in the main camp area and wish your fellow campers and counselors fair-well with a sign of peace.
We are gathered here now as one Body with one voice, though we are many. From this place we scatter, not to leave this Body behind but to carry it with us – down the mountain, back into the cold; to our churches, to our homes, and to all we encounter.

Music (Paul): Get Loud


The same campers that helped plan Saturday evening’s service also worked on this one (plus two more). Andrea helped me on the counselor end at both planning sessions.

Originally this service was just going to be another evening service. So, the campers wanted to continue the Pentecost account which we began the night before. Due to the weather, however, it had been decided that program would end that night and this would be the final worship wervice. We got this news about 5 minutes into our planning meeting and adapted.

Since it would be the last one, I put out the idea that the entire service should serve as a benediction – a sending out. The campers went with it and picked a dismissal litany to serve as the call to worship. Another camper came up with the idea of praying out loud for one another in order to fit with the Pentecost scripture from the day before. It would be many-voices/one-voice in prayer. To facilitate this, we decided that people should face one another.

The “pair-prayer” came naturally out of these themes. It was a bit difficult to read from the power point because it took the attention off of the patner and put it on the screen. It may have been better served as a “repeat-after-me” prayer.

We wanted to convey the message of the gathering in this weekend and then sending out. That is why we had people come in single file so that the voice could grow as more people were gathered in the worship space. We also sent out single file to convey the message that even though we left the weekend, there are those who are behind that continue to sing (in a metaphorical sense). The weather had started to pick up at this point and we had to send everyone straight to their cabins instead of mingling/prayer time. But this did not hinder the worship experience.