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Denominational Shift

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

I wonder what reasons are given for people who decide to switch denominations. A Lutheran becoming Methodist for example.

Just off the top of my head I would imagine that theological reasons rank fairly low on the list, excluding certain fundamentalist denomination of course.

Here is just a quick brainstorm:

  1. I moved and my previous denomination does not have a church where I now live.
  2. I married and we choose to go to my spouse’s church for simplicity.
  3. I liked the liturgy/pastor/preaching/music/amenities/etc. of this particular church in my town, so I started going there.
  4. Many of my friends go to this new denomination.
  5. So-and-so offended me at my previous church, so I left.
  6. I wanted to get involved in a particular ministry of this new church.
  7. I just wanted to try something new.
  8. I believe my new denomination is more theologically correct/Biblical than my previous one.

Can you think of any other reasons why someone would change Christian denominations (non-Catholic)? If you have “made a switch” could you tell me why?

I wonder if this has ever been studied, or if its feasible to gather this information.